For Class March 3


Bring to class your laptops with your optimized images.

To remind you of spec.s and process in optimizing your artwork: First use Adobe Bridge to enter your metadata. With your image selected, go to the Metadata panel, select IPTC Core and on the Creator line, enter copyright © (option g) and your name. You can also write your name and url discretely right on your image.

Resize vertical images to a minimum of 1200 pixels tall (could go as high as 2000 pixels tall) and 72 pixels per inch (ppi). Horizontal images can be resized to a larger number of pixels, say 1500 pixels wide minimum (up to 2200) and of course 72 ppi.

If you use Adobe Photoshop CC 2015: Go to File >  Export > Save for Web (Legacy). If you use Adobe Photoshop CS 6: Go to File > Save for Web. Art with flat fields of color and simple line art might look fine saved in GIF file format. Art with detail, texture and gradients is best saved as JPEG. Choose the tab that says “4-Up” and set different parameters in each of the 3 panes, comparing different settings to the Original. Study the metadata below the image. How large is the image? Will it load fast? Be methodical in the way you name and save your picture files. Your life will  be easier when you upload them.

We’ll work on your websites in class, taking a look at your current web presence and seeing what tweaks (or massive changes!) need to be done.


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