For Class April 6

Read PEGS, pages 215-216 (Chapter 10: “Illustrators: A Note about Pricing” and “General Trade Practices”) plus section pertinent to your professional interests and goals; PEGS on contracts, pp 121–131 (Chapter 6: “Contracts”, entire chapter). There will be a quiz.

Bring in your enhanced client list; flesh out names and contact info: street addresses for postcards, email addresses for email campaigns. Bring your laptops and I’ll show you how to set up a Google Drive database spreadsheet of your contacts. Here’s an article for this blog’s Resources page about contacting ADs.

The next step will be your email campaign. A draft of this will be due next week. You also need to hand in your resume and bio. The resume can be a draft for me to edit and make recommendations. The bio can be a simple paragraph for your “About” page on your website. Tips from this blog’s Resources page on email campaign writing.

Speaking of which, some of you still need help optimizing images for your site. Let’s talk about that during class.


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