For Class April 27

CLASS CANCELLED THIS WEEK. Happy to meet with anyone who needs to, when I return. Will keep you posted precisely when that is; later this week.

Reminder: DUE by end of semester: updated client list (click “Share” button in upper right corner of Google sheets window), website, resume (printed), email campaign (sent to me and all faculty) and schedule C. For the last item, don’t give me your real Social Security number and you can fake out ncome and expenses if you want privacy on your finances. You just need to know that saving receipts for work-related expenses and filling out a Schedule C is part of your soon-to-be new reality. Also, if you didn’t participate in MoCCA Fest, you have to show evidence for product design and creation as well as an Etsy shop or presence in Society 6 or the like.

To hand in printed matter (Schedule C, resume) you can slide it under my office door or put it in my mailbox in the 1st floor office.

One last thing: Please fill out the student evaluation form for this and all your other classes. Your feedback and constructive criticism can help us make the courses and program better and more effective. Thanks.


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