For Class April 27

CLASS CANCELLED THIS WEEK. Happy to meet with anyone who needs to, when I return. Will keep you posted precisely when that is; later this week.

Reminder: DUE by end of semester: updated client list (click “Share” button in upper right corner of Google sheets window), website, resume (printed), email campaign (sent to me and all faculty) and schedule C. For the last item, don’t give me your real Social Security number and you can fake out ncome and expenses if you want privacy on your finances. You just need to know that saving receipts for work-related expenses and filling out a Schedule C is part of your soon-to-be new reality. Also, if you didn’t participate in MoCCA Fest, you have to show evidence for product design and creation as well as an Etsy shop or presence in Society 6 or the like.

To hand in printed matter (Schedule C, resume) you can slide it under my office door or put it in my mailbox in the 1st floor office.

One last thing: Please fill out the student evaluation form for this and all your other classes. Your feedback and constructive criticism can help us make the courses and program better and more effective. Thanks.


For Class April 20

Read PEGS on contracts, pp 121–131. There will be a (last!) quiz.

We’ll have a conversation about negotiation tactics.

We’ll double check the status of all your various things due by end of semester: email campaigns, websites, resumes. Class won’t run late. There’s work to be done.

For Class April 13

Read PEGS, pages 215-216 (Chapter 10: “Illustrators: A Note about Pricing” and “General Trade Practices”) plus section pertinent to your professional interests and goals; PEGS on contracts, pp 121–131 (Chapter 6: “Contracts”, entire chapter).

In class there will be a quiz on the readings. We’ll work in class on your email campaigns. Choose an image that represents your work well. Consider your branded image: do you use hand lettering for your name on your website? Reuse it on the email campaign. Think of a consistent, distinct identity for how you represent yourself.

We’ll also look at your websites in class. You’ll need a link to your site from your email campaign. You’ll also need to show your website as a required component of senior portfolio review.

For Class April 6

Read PEGS, pages 215-216 (Chapter 10: “Illustrators: A Note about Pricing” and “General Trade Practices”) plus section pertinent to your professional interests and goals; PEGS on contracts, pp 121–131 (Chapter 6: “Contracts”, entire chapter). There will be a quiz.

Bring in your enhanced client list; flesh out names and contact info: street addresses for postcards, email addresses for email campaigns. Bring your laptops and I’ll show you how to set up a Google Drive database spreadsheet of your contacts. Here’s an article for this blog’s Resources page about contacting ADs.

The next step will be your email campaign. A draft of this will be due next week. You also need to hand in your resume and bio. The resume can be a draft for me to edit and make recommendations. The bio can be a simple paragraph for your “About” page on your website. Tips from this blog’s Resources page on email campaign writing.

Speaking of which, some of you still need help optimizing images for your site. Let’s talk about that during class.

For Class March 30


Cover art by Andrea D’Aquino

LAST CALL to bring in your MoCCA products. I’ll be schlepping all of our gear to NYC the next day, so make sure your inventory is counted and everything is safely and securely packaged. Andrea D’Aquino is coming in to look at your work, so bring her what you’ve got for further feedback. She’s also an art director and designer, so has a range of experiences and perspective to give her insights into your work.

NOTE: To accommodate Andrea d”Aquino’s visit and getting ready for MoCCA Fest, all quizzes will be moved back by one week. The syllabus on the class blog will be edited to reflect this.

Flesh out your client list, with more names and places, and snail mail addresses to send postcards to and email addresses for email campaigns. We’ll work on your list database the following week. Gather more business cards and contact info at MoCCA Fest. Updated client list will be due April 6.

Hand in your resume, even your old crusty one from that summer job. I’ll help you edit and design your resumes to land you that job you want and need.

At 6:30 Andrea will be giving a VALS talk in Shemin. Do come, even if you’re not in the class. She works in refreshing ways with media and expressiveness; it’ll be great to see.

For Class March 23

First we’ll meet in the classroom, room 332 to go over stuff. Got your MoCCA product ready? Show me.

Then Road Trip! to Barnes & Noble. It’s a great place to collect names of potential clients: publishers and art directors. I’ll describe the process and protocol for the road trip in the classroom. If you’ve got a car nearby, consider being the chauffeur for a few. I can take 4 people in my car.


For Class, March 9


Illustration by Goni Montes

Bring in your MoCCA product in some fashion. Are you creating a poster of a deer with candles in the antlers? Print out a proof. Are you designing stickers? Print a copy and trim them out so you can see how that looks. Are you hand painting pencil cases? Bring one in with your materials finalized and patterns thought out. Are you creating a comic book? Dummy it up and print it out, fold and staple it. Some of you will have unfinished work but by printing out #wip you’ll know what’s left to do.

Bring in your self-promotional postcard layout, trimmed, glued and dummied up.

Goni Montes will be visiting but spending most of the afternoon with Bob’s class. Do come to his VALS lecture at 6:30pm in Shemin.