For Class March 30


Cover art by Andrea D’Aquino

LAST CALL to bring in your MoCCA products. I’ll be schlepping all of our gear to NYC the next day, so make sure your inventory is counted and everything is safely and securely packaged. Andrea D’Aquino is coming in to look at your work, so bring her what you’ve got for further feedback. She’s also an art director and designer, so has a range of experiences and perspective to give her insights into your work.

NOTE: To accommodate Andrea d”Aquino’s visit and getting ready for MoCCA Fest, all quizzes will be moved back by one week. The syllabus on the class blog will be edited to reflect this.

Flesh out your client list, with more names and places, and snail mail addresses to send postcards to and email addresses for email campaigns. We’ll work on your list database the following week. Gather more business cards and contact info at MoCCA Fest. Updated client list will be due April 6.

Hand in your resume, even your old crusty one from that summer job. I’ll help you edit and design your resumes to land you that job you want and need.

At 6:30 Andrea will be giving a VALS talk in Shemin. Do come, even if you’re not in the class. She works in refreshing ways with media and expressiveness; it’ll be great to see.


For Class February 23


Illustration by Selina Alko and Sean Qualls

Bring your MoCCA product in progress; be prepared to show the rest of your work as well. Selina Alko and Sean Qualls will specifically talk about marketing and self-promotion to the class at large and then look at your work. They do children’s books, however for anyone working in any genre, it can be enormously instructive to get outside feedback.
Even if you’re not signed up for VALS at 6:30 in Shemin Auditorium, do come to seen Sean and Selina talk. They have the lived experience of being an interracial couple with parallel careers in illustration. The ways in which they work together and support one another creatively and socially are positive exemplars.

For Class February 16


Illustration by Steve Brodner

Hand in your written (yes, please print it out) proposal for your MoCCA Product. Include sketches or comps, production budget and timeline for creative work and production. Pace yourself to have product ready for MoCCA Fest on April 1st. You’ll probably want to get pieces printed before Spring Break to play it safe.

Class will start with a quiz from the readings: PEGS pages 106-118; Morgan & Gaynin Websites and The 3-T Method.

For the remainder of class Steve Brodner will be looking at portfolios and giving feedback. After the bruising election cycle last year and the current political climate, Brodner is an acerbic and insightful voice for the left. Even if your politics don’t align with his, you can marvel at his caricature skills, his craftsmanship with media and his thoughtful conceptual process. He teaches a class at SVA so can give knowledgeable feedback no matter what style or genre you work in.

Also, do come to the VALS lecture at 6:30 in Shemin. You will be entertained.

For Class September 8


Read Jessica Hische’s blogpost about Freelancing. Her Rule #1 is our class motto.

Bring your work in some fashion: printed, original and/or online to show to our visiting illustrator/lecturer Jonathan Bartlett. He’ll give insights and critical feedback. Look at his work beforehand and read up on him so you can be a well-informed colleague.

At 6:30 in Shemin Auditorium Jonathan will present his work in the VALS lecture. All illustration students should attend the illustrator lectures. It’s such a treat.