For Class April 20

Read PEGS on contracts, pp 121–131. There will be a (last!) quiz.

We’ll have a conversation about negotiation tactics.

We’ll double check the status of all your various things due by end of semester: email campaigns, websites, resumes. Class won’t run late. There’s work to be done.


For Class April 13

Read PEGS, pages 215-216 (Chapter 10: “Illustrators: A Note about Pricing” and “General Trade Practices”) plus section pertinent to your professional interests and goals; PEGS on contracts, pp 121–131 (Chapter 6: “Contracts”, entire chapter).

In class there will be a quiz on the readings. We’ll work in class on your email campaigns. Choose an image that represents your work well. Consider your branded image: do you use hand lettering for your name on your website? Reuse it on the email campaign. Think of a consistent, distinct identity for how you represent yourself.

We’ll also look at your websites in class. You’ll need a link to your site from your email campaign. You’ll also need to show your website as a required component of senior portfolio review.

For Class April 6

Read PEGS, pages 215-216 (Chapter 10: “Illustrators: A Note about Pricing” and “General Trade Practices”) plus section pertinent to your professional interests and goals; PEGS on contracts, pp 121–131 (Chapter 6: “Contracts”, entire chapter). There will be a quiz.

Bring in your enhanced client list; flesh out names and contact info: street addresses for postcards, email addresses for email campaigns. Bring your laptops and I’ll show you how to set up a Google Drive database spreadsheet of your contacts. Here’s an article for this blog’s Resources page about contacting ADs.

The next step will be your email campaign. A draft of this will be due next week. You also need to hand in your resume and bio. The resume can be a draft for me to edit and make recommendations. The bio can be a simple paragraph for your “About” page on your website. Tips from this blog’s Resources page on email campaign writing.

Speaking of which, some of you still need help optimizing images for your site. Let’s talk about that during class.

For Class November 3

Read Morgan & Gaynin: How to Speak to an Art Director and How to NegotiatePEGS on negotiation pages 83-100; there will be a quiz.

Show and share your art director database. Don’t forget what a great resource Illustration Age’s Art Director list is.

We’ll take a look at past MoCCA products and talk about spring’s MoCCA Fest and what kinds of things you might want to make. Even if you intend to create products for an Etsy shop or Spoonflower competition, follow MoCCA Fest’s Tumblr page and plan on attending this spring.

For Class, April 2

Read PEGS pages 83-91. There will be a quiz on Negotiation and Rights.

Due: Let me know who your mentor will be. This is an illustrator of your choosing who you’re going to write about a page on. If you can score an interview, bravo! However lots of folks post that they are too busy. Do more than cut and past the artist’s FAQ (snore). Look at a few interviews and sites and write your own paper. The mentor paper is due by the end of the semester.

During class we’ll start on the email campaigns. We can use MailChimp to send your campaign for free.

Reminder about MoCCA: we’ll have a meeting of all the seniors, Monday April 6, 12:30–1:30 in 215C. Bring your products with you. If you have any gizmos or props that could be used to display product, bring it. We need to lift things up off the table so people can see it.

For Class October 23

When done inputting your client database, share it with me so I can grade it. If you’re using Google Drive, just look at the upper right corner of the screen. See that blue “Share” button? Yep, that’ll do it. If you’re using some other application, figure out a way that I can see what you’ve done, perhaps saved and emailed as a pdf file.

Back to readings. For next week, read Morgan & Gaynin’s How to Speak to an Art Director and How to Negotiate as well as PEGS on negotiation, pages 83-100. There will be a written quiz. Since negotiation is such a tricky yet essential part of being self-employed (or, for that matter, looking for a job), we’ll try a role playing game. BTW, thanks Cara for this link to an interview with AD Chad Beckerman.

The next project for the class is the one and only creative piece of work: your MoCCA Fest project. We’ll talk about past projects and some of your options, so you’ll be prepared to write your project’s proposal due the following week.