For Class April 27

CLASS CANCELLED THIS WEEK. Happy to meet with anyone who needs to, when I return. Will keep you posted precisely when that is; later this week.

Reminder: DUE by end of semester: updated client list (click “Share” button in upper right corner of Google sheets window), website, resume (printed), email campaign (sent to me and all faculty) and schedule C. For the last item, don’t give me your real Social Security number and you can fake out ncome and expenses if you want privacy on your finances. You just need to know that saving receipts for work-related expenses and filling out a Schedule C is part of your soon-to-be new reality. Also, if you didn’t participate in MoCCA Fest, you have to show evidence for product design and creation as well as an Etsy shop or presence in Society 6 or the like.

To hand in printed matter (Schedule C, resume) you can slide it under my office door or put it in my mailbox in the 1st floor office.

One last thing: Please fill out the student evaluation form for this and all your other classes. Your feedback and constructive criticism can help us make the courses and program better and more effective. Thanks.


For Class March 30


Cover art by Andrea D’Aquino

LAST CALL to bring in your MoCCA products. I’ll be schlepping all of our gear to NYC the next day, so make sure your inventory is counted and everything is safely and securely packaged. Andrea D’Aquino is coming in to look at your work, so bring her what you’ve got for further feedback. She’s also an art director and designer, so has a range of experiences and perspective to give her insights into your work.

NOTE: To accommodate Andrea d”Aquino’s visit and getting ready for MoCCA Fest, all quizzes will be moved back by one week. The syllabus on the class blog will be edited to reflect this.

Flesh out your client list, with more names and places, and snail mail addresses to send postcards to and email addresses for email campaigns. We’ll work on your list database the following week. Gather more business cards and contact info at MoCCA Fest. Updated client list will be due April 6.

Hand in your resume, even your old crusty one from that summer job. I’ll help you edit and design your resumes to land you that job you want and need.

At 6:30 Andrea will be giving a VALS talk in Shemin. Do come, even if you’re not in the class. She works in refreshing ways with media and expressiveness; it’ll be great to see.

For Class September 22

Hand in a draft of your bio and resume. The bio can be text for your “about” page on your website. The resume can be a pre-existing one that you need help refining. They should be printed pieces of paper so I can mark up edits. Include categories for Education, Employment, and Skills.

Have your original artwork well photographed at a high resolution (Photo Center 443-3711 to make an appointment). If the work fits onto the scanner bed, that is just as good. Save images at least 300 pixels per inch as tif files.

Prepare your artwork for your websites. Using Adobe Bridge, attach metadata to each file. Select a picture file in the Content panel, go to the Metadata panel and scroll down to IPTC Core. For Creator, click to the right and type in © 2016 Your Name. (Option G for copyright symbol.) Scroll down to add your web site url and email address, and at the bottom add the copyright again at Copyright Notice. Hit Return to save. Repeat steps for each image.

Open the high-res file in Photoshop. Go to Image > Image Size. Change the resolution of the image 1o 72 ppm (pixels per inch), then change the width to 2070 pixels (it doesn’t have to be 2070px, but no less than 1500px). Whatever you choose, be consistent with all of your images. Let the height be whatever it is. If the image is very wide and not very tall, you’ll have to modify the dimensions. Your CMS (Content Management System) will adjust so that your artwork sizes look compatible on screen.

If you’re using Adobe Creative Cloud Go to File > Export > Save for Web (Legacy). If you’re using Adobe Photoshop CS 6 got to File > Save for Web. Choose the tab that says 4-Up so you can study the original art compared to the different settings. Fiddle around with GIF and JPEG so you can see what they look like, selecting a different panel with your image and look at the metadata below to see the file size. In the end, choose jpeg and adjust the Quality slider so that your file size is under 2MB. Study areas with fine detail and gradients to make sure it looks as good as possible while keeping the file size small enough. When done, click “Save” and when asked, create a new folder for you web images and save them all there. The file names cannot have spaces and hyphens will be added where you do have spaces between words.

Repeat steps for each image. I’ll check them in class.

Check the Resources page for this blog for links to CMSs. Many students and illustrators like SquareSpace. There are also links for tips on image optimization and resume writing.

For Class April 28

Last class. Gasp! Let’s start off with my performance review. Honestly, it’s a good way for your voice to be heard, anonymously. Class will begin with everyone accessing the teacher evaluation form, then I’ll discretely step out and you can have at it. What would make the course better? What worked well? I do read these things, so here’s your chance to let me know how your experience has been.

Due in this last class are your filled-out Schedule C forms, any resumes not yet handed in, and double checking that all other work due is done. We’ll then trot up to the cluster to look at each and every website. It’s a last review in class before Senior Portfolio Review, when we do look at your sites as well as your printed portfolio. If anyone needs any other help with anything preparatory to end of semester events, let me know.

For Class March 5

Hand in the printed (yes please, printed) draft of your resume and bio. Write the bio for your About page on your site. Simple, sweet, funny—whatever suits you. Just not too long.

Show me the status of your websites too. I forgot to mention to some of you in the last class: It can be useful to have your phone number or email address as part of the boilerplate appearing on every page of your site. Make it very, very easy to for art directors to contact you.

Double check the Resources page on this blog if you want to and can afford to enter competitions. American Illustration is due on Tuesday March 3; 3×3 not till the end of March.