For Class, March 9


Illustration by Goni Montes

Bring in your MoCCA product in some fashion. Are you creating a poster of a deer with candles in the antlers? Print out a proof. Are you designing stickers? Print a copy and trim them out so you can see how that looks. Are you hand painting pencil cases? Bring one in with your materials finalized and patterns thought out. Are you creating a comic book? Dummy it up and print it out, fold and staple it. Some of you will have unfinished work but by printing out #wip you’ll know what’s left to do.

Bring in your self-promotional postcard layout, trimmed, glued and dummied up.

Goni Montes will be visiting but spending most of the afternoon with Bob’s class. Do come to his VALS lecture at 6:30pm in Shemin.

For Class December 1

Choose an image and write text for your email campaign. Read the article on the Resources page to get tips on how to design and write an email campaign. In short: keep it simple. You can use MailChimp for free to send an email campaign. Take a look at their interface to start designing your campaign.

Make sure your Tumblr or website are set up and ready/nearly ready to show.

Have your MoCCA product in progress; show us what you’ve got.

At 6:30 in Shemin Auditorium, I’ll be giving the VALS lecture. I’m not that interested in talking about my work for this one, though. I’ll be talking about my experience at ICON9, the Illustration Conference in Austin TX last summer. It was a grand time and so exciting to see the wealth of opportunities in the illustration world these days. If you can, please come.

For Class October 27

Do research on your rudimentary client list you started to gather at Barnes & Noble yesterday. Add to the list of names of publishers and publications: art directors’ names, contact information (email addresses, phone numbers, mailing addresses), etc. If you took cell phone photos,, write this stuff down so you can cut and paste into your spread sheet. Bring your laptops to class. If you’re interested in working in industries not to be found at Barnes & Noble, well, then look where you need to.

Coincidentally, Lauren Panepinto posted later that day on Facebook a link to a great chart of book publishers; check it out.

For Class April 16

Refine your email campaign design. Send it to me, I’ll send feedback. You’ll refine it and then send it to all the faculty including me and your client wish list as well. Half of your 10 points for the assignment will be for the initial design, the other half for successful emailing of the campaign.

You can also hand in your mentor review/interview if you wish. It’s not due till the following week but surely you have something else to do, right? Get it over and done with so you can focus on your portfolio.

For Class December 4

The final class came so fast, or so it seems. Did you send your email blast to the Illustration faculty, including me so I can see the final final version? If not, do so now, please.

For our last class, bring your MoCCA product to show off to one and all. We’ll do the equivalent of a crit. I’m still waiting to hear back from the Department whether we’ll actually be going and if you need to get your product printed/produced. As soon as I hear, I’ll let you know.

While we’re at it, it’s pay back time. That sounds harsh. What I really mean is that I need all of you to fill out the teacher evaluation forms. Since it’s easy to forget, since I get nagged by the school if too few students do so, I’ll have you do them in class. Easy. Done. Thanks.